Monday, November 12, 2007

Remember the 90's? So does our website.

What is it with most Lodges' horrible websites? With the general exception of some Grand Lodge websites that I've seen (and this fact is not even all-inclusive) most appear as if they were done by a 6-year old in 10 minutes (or, a 10-year old in 6 minutes, if your prefer). How could this be?

One reason could be the average age of current Masons. Based on other articles I've read, there appears to be a generational gap caused by the free-love, anti-war, and open-drug-use 1970's. Being known for nonconformity, a general statement could be said that membership did not grow during this time frame. Others have labeled this generation, Gen X. Gen Xers tend to be:
marked by its lack of optimism for the future, nihilism, cynicism, skepticism, alienation and mistrust in traditional values and institutions. - Wikipedia
However, this generation was also controlling the workforce during the boom of the PC and the Internet.

This left the Baby Boomers to run their lodge websites. When HTML was as easy as a bold tag and an italicized tag that was all good and well. In the Web 2.0 era we live in today, we should adapt our message. With the understanding of the many rules imposed on Lodge websites from the Grand Lodge, we can still accomplish a lot. One day when I am not so busy I will volunteer to be our webmaster. Until then, I'll stick with pdf links for our WM message of the month (all text) and other content that hasn't been updated since April.

I'll refrain, for now, of giving our specific address, but from what I've seen on the "intarweb," we might be par for the course.

And can I get some high-quality, non-gawdy Masonic clip art?

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