Thursday, December 6, 2007

Junior Steward!

Tonight I was installed as Junior Steward in my Lodge! It all came to fruition rather suddenly as I was unaware that I was to be formally installed at our public installation ceremony. Since I had never witnessed an installation before, I was a little unprepared.

Overall, however, I stood, sat, and was guided to where I was supposed to, and it was a beautiful ceremony. About 60 to 70 people showed up and it seemed as if everyone had a good time.

There are many jokes about the cooking skills of a Junior Steward (one of my duties) and so I better dust off our cookbooks here at home to find some cheap and easy meals for about thirty brethren twice a month! I'm looking forward to one duty in particular, and that is preparing the candidates at initiations. I signed a petition for a co-worker who should begin his journey in January. I hope to know my part well enough to assist him with his initiation. From being raised in August to JS in December, all I can say is I hope I perform my duties well. And nix the Monday night classes.

image credit: Catherine Holt, flickr, Romulus